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Recommended computers for BitRaptor

Each BitRaptor license allows you to install it on 2 PCs, one for running the robot and one for training the machine learning. (L2 licenses or higher allows 3 installations, one for running the robot and 2 for training).

The recommended PC for running BitRaptor is an i7 with 4 cores, 16 GB RAM and 256 or 512GB SSD. The best solution is a dedicated server, VPS, miniPC or a laptop. Why a laptop? because it has a battery and can sustain power interruptions without loosing any data, a refurbished lenovo thinkpad can run 4-5 years without any problems if you use a laptop cooler.

Here are some recommended laptops for continous running BitRaptor.

Or you can use a miniPC, but for that you will also need a UPS.

Please note that for the last miniPC you need to add RAM and SSD. Also do not forget to buy a UPS if you will use a miniPC to avoid data loss when power failure occurs.

And for the performance PC which you will use for training, any desktop PC with 6 cores or higher will work well and with 16GB of RAM or higher.

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