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BitRaptor 2.0 has been released

BitRaptor Bitcoin Crypto Trading Bot

What’s NEW in version 2.0  Completely new redesigned and performance optimized Machine Learning trainer with parallel processing which is much faster, but with many more calculations which makes it up to 5 times more efficient in live trading. NEW: Added Stop Limit (which is a hard stop loss, this is triggered only when the buy signal is not ON to ...

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Top 5 Centralized Coins Which You Should Be Aware Of

top 5 centralized bitcoin crypto coins

The blockchain technology was built for DECENTRALIZATION purpose, the database is spread over multiple computer nodes in order to be more secure and to not be modified by a single party without other nodes confirming that modification. However many companies have copied and modified the source code of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum which are open source, they have changed the ...

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