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How to reboot Windows 11 to BIOS

How to enter BIOS settings from Windows

If you want to enter in your computer UEFI BIOS and you don’t know how here is a quick tip which will make your computer start in BIOS settings without pressing any keys. start command prompt with administrator rights and type this command: shutdown /r /fw /f /t This will reboot your computer and will enter automatically in BIOS settings.

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What are the BIOS Settings for Windows 7

How to Fix and Repair Computer Errors and Problems

If you have purchased a PC or laptop without operating system or with FreeDOS and you want to install Windows 7 from a CD or USB stick you should neet to change some settings in your computer BIOS. First you need to know that there are two types of BIOS, old computers have the standard BIOS and new PCs come ...

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