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WinSysClean X4
WinSysClean X4

WinSysClean X4 has been released

WinSysClean just got better, now with 89 Windows Cleaning modules and with 20 registry optimizations

WHAT’S NEW IN WinSysClean X4

Version 14.0, Released: 20-December-2012

  • NEW Windows 8 style UI.
  • NEW Added Full Support for Windows 8.
  • NEW Added Support for Internet Explorer 10.
  • NEW Added Support for Google Chrome version 21, 22 and 23.
  • NEW Added Support for Firefox 16 and 17.
  • NEW Added Support for Safari 5.
  • NEW Added Windows Services Monitor which displays Windows services which are running or not.
  • NEW Added Windows Drivers Monitor which displays Windows drivers and their status.
  • NEW Added System Performance Settings to Desktop Tuning options.
  • NEW Added option to remove old System Restore Points to make more free disk space.
  • NEW Added Registry Cleaner Function to Clean the Invalid Windows Shell MUI Cache References.
  • NEW Added Windows Cleaner Function to Clear the Windows Wallpapers Image History.
  • NEW Added Windows Cleaner Function to Remove the Windows Temporary CD Burn Files.
  • NEW Added detection of running browsers to avoid incomplete cache cleaning.
  • Improved Installer/setup with better file management.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.


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