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Top 5 Centralized Coins Which You Should Be Aware Of

top 5 centralized bitcoin crypto coins

The blockchain technology was built for DECENTRALIZATION purpose, the database is spread over multiple computer nodes in order to be more secure and to not be modified by a single party without other nodes confirming that modification. However many companies have copied and modified the source code of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum which are open source, they have changed the ...

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SSD vs HDD Performance comparison

SSD vs HDD Performance

Over the years there have been many advancements in the field of technology. Computer technology has progressed a lot and as a result smartphones have become more powerful compared to desktops of early 2000s. Once piece of hardware which remained the standard for a long period of time is the hard drive. It was first developed in 1950s and since ...

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DDR3 and DDR4 RAM Differences

DDR3 vs DDR4 RAM Memory

DDR (Double Data Rate 3rd and 4th Generation) Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory – RAM The Development Atari came with 1 KB of Memory and after that Apple Computer came with the first 128 KB of memory in Macintosh. Samsung came up with SDRAM in the year 1993 which became a standard for Computing. The first DDR SDRAM began to be sold in 1996 (DDR RAM ...

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