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How to Uninstall a Windows Program Which Cannot Be Completely Removed

Tips & Tricks

To uninstall a program that cannot be completely removed through traditional means, you can try the following steps: Restart your computer in Safe Mode. This will prevent any background processes from running that may be preventing the program from being uninstalled. Use the built-in Windows Uninstaller to attempt to remove the program. If it still cannot be removed, you can ...

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Enable / Disable Boot Defragmentation at Startup in Windows 7

How to Fix and Repair Computer Errors and Problems

Windows 7 just like older versions of Windows defragments the system files at startup. If you have installed Windows on a SSD drive you will no longer need this! Because SSD drives can read files from random locations instantly unlike Harddisks where the heads need to be moved mechanically to different sectors on disks. For HDD Windows installations you can enable ...

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