WinSysClean X1 v11.0 released

Now up to 5x faster !! than the previous versions.

What’s New in this release

  • NEW Added Detection of Installed Firewall, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs.
  • NEW Added Memory Diagnostic option to check RAM/Memory for problems (this option requires Windows Vista or Windows 7).
  • NEW Added Defragment HD option to launch the disk defragmenter.
  • NEW Registry Cleaner Operation: Removal of Interfaces linked to missing TypeLibs.
  • NEW Registry Cleaner Operation: Removal of CLSID entries linked to missing TypeLibs.
  • NEW Registry Cleaner Operation: Removal of missing Windows file extension associations.
  • NEW Application Cleaner Operation: Delete Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 Project Assembly Cache files.
  • NEW Added Manual Check for Updates option.
  • NEW Added option to automatically create a System Restore Point at the first WinSysClean startup.
  • NEW Added Temporary files and Recycle Bin information to system status dialog.
  • Improved the User Interface.
  • Improved the Cleaning Speed, now WinSysClean is up to 5 times faster and even faster on some computers!
  • Improved System Information.
  • Improved the Cleanup Results dialog.
  • Changed the default cleaning settings to improve performance.
  • Changed the default setting for Recycle Bin cleaning, now the Empty Recycle Bin option is disabled by default. (however it can be activated in WinSysClean Options).
  • Fixed compatibility problems with Windows XP and 2003 Server which caused WinSysClean to crash when accessed some menu options.
  • Fixed the System Information font display on Windows 2003 Server and XP.
  • Fixed start problem of Advanced Startup Editor for Windows Vista/7 64-bit.
  • Fixed problem with Outlook from Office XP and older versions which caused Outlook to start it’s setup on some computers.
  • Updated: Help file.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

You can find more details here


  1. Computerbild Ausgabe 10/2011 mit dem freischaltcode 11108 8_

    • I installed RegGenie on my PC. It loeokd like it was cleaning a lot of things from the registry, who knows, maybe it did. But since it did not fix my computer slowness I tried MalwareBytes. MalwareBytes only found one infection. A virus that RegGenie put there. I can’t believe the low lifes posting here trying to convince people to try RegGenie, they sound savy enough to know what RegGenie contains so may instant kharma reward them accordingly.

  2. Microsoft previews upcoming Windows 8. The OS will also focus heavily on the communication between applications that will in the end benefit the user through richer a experience, besides improving the fundamentals like improving speed, performance, security and reliability.

  3. Thanks for posting and sharing with all – Cheers

  4. If only more computer users would take data recovery more seriously before they had a problem. They should be prepared for the worst before things happen, not after.

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