WinSysClean X6

WinSysClean X6 has been released.

Here is the list of new features included in the new version:
  • NEW Over 500 new application cleaning functions, with a total of 2100 apps cleaning and 85 advanced Windows and registry repair functions.
  • NEW Completely redesigned cleaning engine with Scan and Clean method, instead of direct cleaning.

  • NEW Advanced Manual Selection of files and registry entries for cleaner after the scan completed.

  • NEW Detailed Scan Report wich allows you to select which items do you want to be removed or fixed.

  • Optimized Scan speed is now even faster than before, each scan operation has been optimized.

  • Improved The Internet Explorer 11 cache and cookie cleaning.

  • Improved The Mozilla Firefox 29 cache and cookie cleaning.

  • Improved The Google Chrome 35 cache and cookie cleaning.

  • Improved User Interface appearance under high DPI monitors with large fonts.

  • Improved The invalid icon Shell extension registry cleaning function.

  • Fixed System Disk Load Gauge displayed incorrect position on some computers.

  • Fixed Internet Explorer Typed URL History cleaner problem which caused to clean only the first entry.

  • Fixed Installer problem which caused the setup to unable to install a newer version over an older version.

  • Fixed Update Checker which caused a crash at startup on some computers.

  • Other fixes and improvements.

You can find more info here

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