How to Fix and Repair Computer Errors and Problems

What to do if your Computer does not Start

Sometimes your computer may get an electrical current shock or get an electrostatic discharge which may cause your computer  to not start and you also cannot enter in BIOS settings.

If your PC does not beep then probably the motherboard CMOS settings got corrupted.

So what you can do?

  1. Turn off your PC and Unplug all the USB cables including the monitor cable and let only the power cord plugged in.
  2. If it starts then plug all the cables back, if not then continue to step 3.
  3. Open your PC case and look for the CMOS reset jumper (look in your motherboard’s user manual for more details). The CMOS clear jumper have 3 pins and on two of them it have a jumper.
  4. Move the jumper on the other side of the 3 pin connector and leave it for 2-3 seconds then move it back.
  5. Now power-on your PC and it should have the CMOS settings cleared and you will be able to enter in BIOS.
  6. Save the default BIOS settings and reboot.

Note: If this will not solve your problem then you may need to check your computer’s Memory, HDD and all other components.

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