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Lenovo W510 with mSATA SSD

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you are trying to install an mSATA SSD in your Lenovo W510 laptop it will not be recognized by the laptop BIOS as a drive.

The latest BIOS version for Lenovo W510 on Sept. 09, 2016 is version 1.45 released on 11/2/2012. This version of BIOS does not support mSATA SSD drives in Lenovo W510 laptops. We hope lenovo will release a newer BIOS version and add support for mSATA SSDs to W510 laptops. Until then the only option for using an SSD in the Lenovo W510 laptop is to buy a normal SATA SSD drive.

This is a shame that a workstation laptop does not support mSATA SSDs and some older laptops from Lenovo work perfectly with mSATA SSD drives.

Here are some recommended SSD drives which may work with Lenovo W510


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