Canon LP-E17 vs LP-E17N Battery Differences

Canon have released a newer version of LP-E17 which basically is the same format with minor internal changes which has to do with the new air travel regulations and some other international battery safety regulations. LP-E17N also have a slightly higher capacity than the older LP-E17 battery otherwise they are interchangable (except the charger!, read bellow). The LP-E17N also have included a chip inside the battery to avoid the use of aftermarket batteries in Canon cameras.

Q: Can I use the LP-E17 batteries in my Canon EOS M3/M5/M6/Rebel T6/760D camera which comes with an LP-E17battery ?
A: YES you can! But you will not be able to see the battery level in camera.

You cannot charge the LP-E17 battery with the original Canon LP-E17N charger! Also if you use an aftermarket LP-E17 Battery in Canon EOS M3/Rebel T6/760D it will display a warning that the battery is not original and you also won’t be able to see the battery level in the camera !

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