IPS LCD vs AMOLED Displays

IPS LCD (In Plane Switching) Liquid Crystal Display. The IPS technology offers better display quality as compared to the TFTLCD display, but has many disadvantages compared to OMOLED displays. Because of higher production costs AMOLED displays can be found only in highe-end smartphones and tablets, soon to be seen in high-end TVs and computer monitors.

So which one is better? Here are the pro’s and con’s of each technology:

IPS LCD Display


  • Cheaper to manufacture than AMOLED.
  • Good color gamut.


  • Higher power consumption than AMOLED.
  • Light bleeding and uneven backlight.
  • Blacks are not 100% black.
  • Whites are not 100% and have a slight blue tint white because the IPS have filtered blue backlight.
  • The pixel display speed is limited to the entire display refresh rate which on AMOLED displays is almost non existent, and the pixel response time on AMOLED displays can have less than 1 millisecond.
  • Lower Contrast than AMOLED displays.

AMOLED Displays


  • Very High Contrast Ratios, many times higher than IPS LCD.
  • Lower Power Consumption than IPS LED backlit displays, the AMOLED display can be as high as 10 times more energy efficient.
  • Can update pixels independently compared to IPS which have to update the entire display each time which results in very fast FPS and response time.
  • Because each pixel is an independent RGB LED it can turn off the LEDs where they need to display the black color, which makes the black completely dark (not achievable on IPS displays).
  • White color is much better represented on AMOLED displays than IPS.
  • The late models of AMOLED displays get better and better every year with higher color gamuts than IPS.


  • More expensive to manufacture than IPS, especially for larger displays.

Soon the AMOLED and OLED technology will be introduced in large TVs and monitors which will drag the production costs down and in the future the AMOLED technology will completely replace the IPS displays.

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