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How to Fix Laser and Inkjet Printer Weak / Light Colors

If your printer is in good condition and your printer still have toner or ink but it prints empty white pages or very weak black / colors then probably you will be able to fix this problem by following these steps:

  1. Run Calibration for Color Laser Printers or Cleaning for Inkjet Printers.
  2. Print 5 times the cleaning sheet page from below. The black color from the cleaning sheet image contains 100% CMYK colors, this means that all your printer colors will be used at 100% in order to unclog the toner or ink head. Select Fit to Page when Printing this image.

  3. If the printed page is not black then you need to repeat this process up to 10 times.
  4. After repeating these steps 10 times and the printed page still have no signs of dark color then probably you need to replate the toner cartridges or inkjet tank.
  5. If the printed page shows darker after each print then try to repeat the process a few more times.

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