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How to Fix 99% of Asus WiFi Router Problems

If you have an Asus WiFi router problem like; NAT / port forwarding not working, connection problems, upgraded to a firmware which caused your router to not work properly here is what you can do to solve the problem. Upgrade to AsusWRT Merlin firmware if you can find your router in the list of available firmware files. This firmware will probably solve your Asus router problem in 99% of cases. And besides that you will have many new features over the stock Asus router firmware including the original features. Upgrade Here to ASUS WRT Merlin Firmware

Supported routers are:

  • ASUS RT-N66U
  • ASUS RT-AC68P (same firmware as RT-AC68U)
  • ASUS RT-AC87
  • ASUS RT-AC3200
  • ASUS RT-AC5300

Asus support is not very good for their routers, so other people started to fix the problems for them and that is available with the AsusWRT Merlin router firmware.

AsusWRT Merlin Firmware Installation Notes:

– This custom firmware can be applied like any regular Asus firmware update.
– You can revert back to the original ASUS firmware at any time without losing the settings.
– You should not need to reset to factory defaults.
– You can keep your current router settings.
– Do not load a saved copy of your settings.

If you have problems with the ASUS router port forwarding, here is a quick fix.

If the changing the firmware won’t solve the problem, then here is one more thing to try:

Make a router hard reset (NOTE!: You will lose all settings!)

  1. Power up the router.
  2. Hold the reset button pressed for more than 5 seconds.
  3. Access the router at the default IP address and admin/admin
  4. Manual configure the router again (do NOT load a firmware backup file). Suggestion: write down your setting changes.
  5. Optional: delete the wireless connection profiles on your computers and connect again.

Here are some recommended ASUS routers.

Other alternative recommendations


  1. Still doesn’t fix the port forwarding issue. Best I can tell is that hardware/nat acceleration must be turned off. Really? How can a $200 router have pert forwarding issues (both stock and Merlin, newest Nov 2015 releases.

  2. oh..on a RT-AC66U

  3. I have an Asus RT-N66U.
    Recently the router has been very spotty, and now it has stopped working, both for WiFi and wired connections. I do have internet service; I am able to connect directly through the modem.
    I upgraded the firmware to Merlin and installed it. However, the router is still not working – neither wifi nor hardwire.
    I followed the instructions – downloaded, extracted and installed the Merlin firmware, and then I re-uploaded my settings from my saved file.
    Any further suggestions?

  4. Brand new asus rt-ac3100 and sometime the router stop to give Internet or being really slow every 5 to 10 minutes since I bought it 04-12-2016 it’s annoying and the support was saying to me to bring back this one to change for a another one instead of helping to fix a little problem, I told them that it happen for many other asus router and there support is not good
    , so what do you think it is

    Thank you

    • Hi Alex,
      Asus routers are very good, the problem is in their firmware, there are many bugs in Asus Router firmwares. But once you get them working you will not have problems.
      About your problem; try to completely reset your router, update to the latest firmware and disable all the features which you don’t use. They have many apps in routers which some are buggy and may slow down your router. If the router gets slow only on WiFi connections and over LAN cable works ok, then you should try to raise the TX power of the WiFi signal and make sure that there are no other devices near the router which may nterference with the WiFi signal.

  5. Hello,
    I have issues with my RT-AC 3100 (2 weeks old).
    2 problems that I can’t find an answer to (twice called ASUS have latest ASUS firmware)…

    #1 my desktop that is hardwired to the router is about half as fast as before when I was attached directly to the modem (did speed test) we have poor DHL ‘high speed’ but now my desktop hangs every 5-10 minutes, even when I plug it into the modem! I have to kill and reload the web page then it works again. Lag is bad on son’s laptop upstairs and streaming TV is not possible (though it is when I used my modem that has wifi feature.)

    • Hi Paul,
      If your computer hangs then it can be a problem with your computer. If just the internet connection/web page loading hangs then you should check the router CPU monitor and see if it goes to 100% when it hangs, if not then probably is a problem with your internet provider. You can also try to change the firwmare to AsusWRT Merlin.

  6. Time scheduling on my RT ac3100 just doesnt work. I set specific android boxes to shut off at 10pm and they just keep going. Any ideas?

    • Hi, Have you tried to update the firmware? It is probably a bug in the firmware.

    • Have you checked you have correct system time? Mine has just reset itself to 1 August 2015 after firmware upgrade and hence time blocking not working as it should.

      • Make sure to reset (or better yet, fully turn off the ASUS router/modem for 30sec or so) after any settings changes/saves/updates. When it reboots, it can sometimes straighten out again.

        Not sure if it will help in your case but just helped me out after spending 2 weeks going in circles.

  7. I have the wrt-ac87 and since the update I’ve experienced constant dropped wifi signals to my wireless devices. I contacted asus support and they blame the latest firmware. I was unable to downgrade and now I have to send the product in for them to fix the issue. Good luck all.

  8. I’m having the same issues with the Rt-68U. Internet drops started about 5 months ago from once month, to a few times a month to now it’s several times a week. Only way to fix the problem is to unplug the router and restart it. For what these high end routers cost, It’s a joke you have to go threw this. These problems seem to regular issues with many people while searching on the internet. Most frustrating thing of it all is, NO ONE seems to have an answer as to why or how to fix. These routers are garbage!

    • Hi,
      Try to disable the router firewall, on some routers this is the only fix.

    • I have the same router and the same problem, cant find any fix on the internet either, however there are a lot of people with the problem on forums. From what I’ve read it looks like it gets overheated and this leads to loss in wifi connection. This partially relates to what I am experiencing: I have a cat and he loves to sleep on it, but when he does its seems that disconnections occur more often. I’ll try Merlin and see if it works, but probably the best way to deal with this is to somehow cool the router additionaly.

  9. I have an Asus AC 66 R, I upgraded my firm ware to Merlin 380.58 because my router kept limiting my connection speed via wifi and router port to 10mbps connected directly to wall router I get 50mbps. I still have the same problem even after change. Is there a specific merlin fw or change I need to do to get the speed I should be getting.

    • Hi, If you get limited cable connection speed then please try to change the ethernet cables. Also reset the router settings after you upgrade the firmware and don’t import the old settings, instead change them again.


    Sir I have ASUS RT- AC68U recently i upgraded Latest Firmware from ASUS website .after firmware update
    GUI not working to configure Wifi clients and device discovery tool not working even Router Setup Wizard not working.but connection established from ADSL MOdem to ASUS 68U router.I am unable configure settings GUI. it shows only DSL Modem on Plz help

  11. well… i have the same problem but my router is not listed… ANYWHERE!!! RT-AC55U
    help? or is it the same???

  12. My DSL-AC68U just upgraded itself without me initiating it and reset time to 1 August 2015 – hence time blocking not working as it should, and NTP not synchronising. This happens pretty much every time we go to Daylight Savings Time, and now even before it. Not happy.

    • Hi,
      Few days back purchased the DSL-AC68U Version of Asus Router, read very nice reviews but for local network (NAS Setup) i am getting 4-5Mbps over the 2.4GHz.
      If someone had issue with same Router and from the frequency band and solved by this Firmware i can update it, as i planned to return the router and go for something better (still to search)

  13. Hi,

    I hv bought asus ac5300. Its range is very low. My old router 850l has better range than this. What should i do?

  14. i have an asus ac5300. works fine but cant connect to my 2ghz gadgets. just my phones and laptop can get the two frequencies of 2ghz and 5ghz. its so frustrating because i cant connect most of my other device that needs a setup frequency of 2ghz. any help pls?

  15. hello
    can you tell me please , why i cant see the all my wifi signal in my phone or laptop (2.4 ,5.0 and 5.0 ) ?

    before can showen now i cant tell me please ?

  16. I have an AC87R and since I moved from a Comcast area to a CenturyLink area have experienced nothing short of agony. The router loses the internet connection with the DSL modem constantly. I am getting ready to toss the Asus router and install CenturyLink equipment. It seems to be mostly affected when watching streaming video but also crashes when surfing news feeds. I am just at wits end and believe Asus to be a big pile of shit that I don’t have the time nor the patience to continue using.

    I have isolated this problem to the Asus AC87R as the source but I have no cure for it. I’ll probably offer this headache on Ebay shortly….

  17. Hi al
    I have a Asus RT AC3200
    Ive been told by utility warehouse its dropping out every few second on the ppp side.
    I have installed the latest merlin and done a total reset and they insist it hasnt changed.
    I cant see much of anything from my end just that every now and again weeks apart the data stream fails.
    Other than that it seems quite fast
    Anyone have any surgestions

  18. I just bought an Asus RT-AC1750. I can connect 3 computers, two tablets and two phones, but the two printers will not respond. What should I do?

  19. Hi I have an RTN18U and since I updated to the latest fw pages loading very slowley. any iseas?

  20. Hi
    I have router n66r with latest firmware. I am able to block devices during certain time using parental tools and limit bandwidth speed upload and download. However this only works while the laptop using wifi connection. When the laptop or device is connected via the Ethernet port the connection bandwidth setting does not apply. Can u pls help me with this? Why the settings do not apply to Ethernet port on device,? What am I doing wrong? How can I apply settings to apply to direct connection to Ethernet pirts

  21. I have just installed the ASUS RT-AC68U and the WiFi goes down all the time ?
    The connection on the PC indicate that the connection is alright, but no internet connection, some times the PC will indicate that there is no internet connection…. ???

    • Hi,
      We have the same problem with AC68U, it is possible that there is a hardware problem with heating of the WiFi, because the connection gets lost only on heavier traffic. If the router is still in warranty period you can return it to Asus for repair.

  22. I have an asus RT-N65U & this is the first issue in almost 4 years. Tried customer service, despite the challenge of understanding the techs broken English, I did everything they said and it appeared to work when everything was hard wired. That is until I went back to wireless. Now my tv, Blu Ray player, upstairs neighbors roku & phones do not recognize the 5Ghz network at all and the 2.4Ghz signal is so weak it cannot support a single device. Odd part is my iPod, laptop and phone all see the 5Ghz and use it w/o issue. Is this also a firmware problem? My tv is a vizio and their tech support said something about the devices not recognizing ‘channels’ that the networks are on. Any help is appreciated.

  23. Hello, before few weeks i bought Asus RT AC51U router. Router connected via cable to PC. Upgraded to newest Asus AC51U firmware. Then noticed that internet sometimes hang up, freezes and showing no connection. When i go to router settings – it shows connected to internet, but no wifi signal, no internet on PC (which connected via cable ). SO , after restarting router ir works again.

    How to solve this freezing and hang up internet connection ?
    Which firmware to install as i see its a bugs inside Asus original firmware..

    Please your advise..

      • I have the very same issues with my rt-ac68u and the latest Merlin installed.
        Funny thing is, this is a dualboot laptop and occurs only on windows (7), not on Linux. However this same windows has no problem with wifi on my work.

        Symptoms is that it first seems to loose the route to dns since it cannot determine hosts anymore. a few seconds later the familiair yellow triangle shows up uin the icontray. Then a small unconnect/reconnect fixes it temporarily.

        transmissionpower at 144 so, should be no problem.

        Already updated the wifidrivers too.

        • Having the same issue started about 2 weeks ago. Any work around or fix? I have the ASUS lastet firmwire. Not sure what to do. I have to reboot the router for it, to reconnect the interent.

  24. Hello

    Tried to install the Merlin Firmware, but the router prevented it saying it is not allowed anymore. Any comments on this?

    The main reason I want to upgrade is that when I connect certain devices to the WIFI (PS3, Iphone 7) the Internet gets disconnected (causes the modem to fail), despite all the WIFI and wired PC seems to keep the connection to the router

  25. Just updated the newest firmware and WOW the difference is monumental. Much more stabel and so much faster….
    But it has only been running today so time will tell if this is fixes everything.

  26. Hi.
    Had the same issues as the above with wifi disconnect . I manually download the Merlin Firmware for my Asus u68 , things are running fine no problems

  27. Does the Merlin Firmware support a VPN (Private Internet Access) to run at the router?

  28. Luis G Rodriguez

    Hello, sorry to repeat my question but nobody seems to have addressed it

    Tried to install the Merlin Firmware, but the router prevented it saying it is not allowed anymore.

    Any comments on this?

  29. Luis G Rodriguez

    Hello, sorry to repost, but I’ve no answers on what might be happening to me

    “Tried to install the Merlin Firmware, but the router prevented it saying it is not allowed anymore. Any comments on this?”

  30. I recently received the new firmware on the asus ac 88u and since then qos stopped working. I live in a busy household so bandwidth limiter was my bread and butter however since this stopped working I have since revert back to my old router… Is there a fix for this? I tried everything suggested like hard reset various qos settings, giving each device it’s unique static ip turned off all Nat acceleration setting and nothing seems to resolve the issue.

  31. I recently purchased the RT-AC3200. Originally I updated the firmware and the rohter functioned wonderfully for 1 month. At 1 month and 5 days the router failed. I returned it for an exchange and have had this router for 3 weeks. I did not update the firmware because I wanted to compare operation. I logged into the router today and while reviewing the network map I noticed an indicator reflecting there was no WAN connection. The associated lights were not illuminated or active, but the wireless portion functioning properly. I am ready to replace with another brand if I am unable to figure out what the problem is.

  32. Bennie Williams III

    I’m having probably same problem with Asus RT-AC3200 router. Using ExpressVpn as my VPN. My input speed is 100Mbps, but my output speed from router is almost 1Mbps. Can barely stream movies, always buffering. Tried updating firmware, no help. Tried different ExpressVpn servers, no help. I’m about to try a different router, maybe Linksys AC3200. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.



    I read your article and followed the instructions, followed the instructions in the comments below the article and I still have issues.

    I have an ASUS RT-AC5300

    We have 13 devices that connect in my family. Well 14 if you count AT&Ts Microcell that is directly plugged into the router.

    9 devices are 2.4 ghz
    4 devices are 5 ghz

    Of the 9 one of them is a PlayStation which my son is going to upgrade to the latest because apparently it’s supposed to reduce the load on the system.

    I don’t understand how turning on the different ghz will fix the load problem and I don’t know how to ask that question on google.

    If we turn on the 2.4 ghz and the 5 ghz won’t it all be mitigated if the PlayStation is sucking up all the bandwidth anyway?


  34. My wifi has stopped working many times lately on my RT-AC66U so i am trying Merlin. I especially like the fact that it retained all my settings. So far so good but then i just installed it so time will tell.

  35. i have an ASUS DSL AC68U and when i plug in a portable hard drive into the USB port it knocks out my 2.4ghz wifi ..anyone know how to fix this ?

  36. I have an RT-AC87R and am having a lot of issues with losing WIFI signals. Our internet antenna says it is receiving, but nothing comes through to the computers via WIFI. I did the latest firmwear update, and it seems to be worse. A have read a few things about heat issues and firewalls, any other ideas.

    It seems to run about 10 minutes about rebooting, then shuts down. I have also tried a hard reset as well.


  37. Hi, anyone had problems with the Guest Wifi? My 1st router in the bedroom is a distance from my front door, so any WI FI smart socket set up there was loosing connection. So I setup a Guest WI FI on my second router thats downstairs, at first it provided a good strong signal and all my smart WI FI power sockets worked great.

    But now the WIFI sockets randomly cant connect to the Guest WIFI signal, if I re boot the router they all connect very quickly and work great. But then randomly, sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few days they dont/cant login. The Guest WIFI signal remails constant, very strong at all times.

    I mostly use Amazon Alexa to control things, front door camera for example can have its WI FI socket turned off, so camera is off not using any power when not needed.

    So when I load Alexa, if those WI FI sockets are not logged in, I can see them listed in the Alexa app as offline.. I re boot the router and they all show up connected again.

    So the Guest WI FI although still broadcasting a strong signal on 2.4g its blocking anything trying to login, I have even tried logging in to that Guest WI FI with a laptop and it says cannot connect.

    Only a re boot fixes the problem

    I have now enabled notification for each of the WI FI sockets, so if they go offline the Smart Life app gives me a notification, I hope to be able to see a pattern of when and how long before they go offline

    Routers are Asus RT-AC86U with the latest Merlin firmwear

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