How to Use Windows 10 Task View

Task View is a new and very useful feature in Windows 10. It is practically a integrated virtual desktop that is by default enabled and is very easy to use. Taskview Button

The Task View button can be found right next to the Start button (if you can’t find it there, right-click on the taskbar -> check the “Show Task View button”).

When you will click on the Task View button it will open a view of all your currently opened windows from your desktop

Desktop 2

The short-cut for the TaskView is WIN – Key + TAB. When it opens you will find the New desktop button. Click on it and it will open an exactly same desktop named Desktop 2. The newly opened desktop works exactly like your main desktop. You can close it by clicking the X  in the upper-right corner of the thumbnail.

The Task View feature in Windows 10 offers an easy way for multitasking, organizing your work in an efficient and simple way, and the most important of all it is that is very simple to use.

Moving application from one desktop to another -> if you click the Task View button right-click on the thumbnail of the application fromDesktop 1 -> Move to -> Desktop 2.Desktop 3

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