12 Best Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

12 BEST Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of 12 most useful Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

Cortana typedStart Cortana
Keyboard Shortcut:  WinKey + S


Cortana VoiceStart Cortana Voice
Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + C


TaskView Mode
Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + Tab

alt+tabSwitch between Windows
Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + Tab


SnapWindows Snapping
Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + Up/Down/Righ/Left

Show desktopShow Desktop
Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + D


Action centerOpen the Action Center
Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + A

SettingsOpen the Settings Menu
Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + I


Start contextOpen the Start Button Context Menu
Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + X

alt f4Close a window
Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + F4

RunOpen Windows Run
Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + R

-screenLog off or Switch Users
Keyboard Shortcut: WinKey + L

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