BitRaptor 1.5 has been released

The latest release includes 4 major new features:
1. Take Profit option customizable for each individual trading pair.
2. Trailing Stop Loss with custom activation profit and trailing distance, customizable for each individual trading pair.
3. Market Sentiment Gauge Monitor.
4. Import / Export Settings for all trading pairs.

What’s new in this version:
– New redesigned trading engine with better precision (this will use more memory, up to 5GB RAM),
the start up is slower because of the Binance API request rate limit,
but it will give better results and lower Binance traffic.
– Improved the Order Processor for faster buys/sells.
– Added the latest altcoins.
– Added BTC price to main stats.
– Changed the start date for some altcoins to use a shorter date, also the cache files are updated.
– If GMail Notification is not configured BitRaptor will continue to work.
– New Email Notifications.
– Added Email Notifications for Binance cancelled orders.
– Fixed Reinvest amount which did not update after a sell order (caused by the latest Binance API changes).
– Fixed the Total BTC Holdings calculation and USDT equivalent to use LastPrices instead of 24h average prices.
– New: Added Enable / Disable Buy.
– Fixed: Invest Amount was reset to 0.01 after bot settings export.
– Updated to the latest Binance API.
– Updated components.
– Improved Analyzer which should result higher profits for some alts.
– Improved Order Processor.
– NEW: Added double click option in bot list which opens the chart on TradinView.
– Fixed: Sell orders were saved in order history with base amount doubled.
– Other minor fixes and improvements.

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