BitRaptor 2.5 has been released

What’s NEW in Version 2.5
– New BitRaptor Monitor application which automatically restarts BitRaptor if the application is closed.
– Added Stop Limit to batch settings.
– Added TR Stop info in the subject of email notification for Trailing Stop Sells.
– Manual Buy and Sell now is also working when the bot is running.
– Changed history start date for some coins.
– Added new coins.
– Updated Binance API.
– Improved the bot engine and order processor communication with the binance api.
– Improved the first start and bot engine cycles speed by approx. 10%
– Fixed Wins / Loss Stats was not saved.
– Improvements in machine learning engine.
– Other minor fixes and improvements.

– For manual sells is good to disable BUY in settings to avoid immediate buy back until the sell orders are completed.

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