BitRaptor Bitcoin Crypto Trading Bot

BitRaptor 2.8 has been released

What’s NEW in Version 2.8

  • NEW Sell Off function to sell all the investments automatically. The buys are disabled automatically and the bot engine is slowed while the sell off is in progress.
  • NEW Added Splash Screen.
  • NEW Added Chart Preview to Learn from History analyzer.
  • Fixed manual invest/buy, while bot engine was running the buy order was cancelled.
  • Fixed manual sell when stop limit was activated the investment was not sold.
  • Fixed stop limit, for some bots which included older settings created by previous bitraptor versions the investment was not sold.
  • Fixed Buy/Sell stucked orders in processor when the order amount gets less than minimum allowed on binance.
  • Changed history start date for some coins.
  • Added new coins.
  • Updated logger components.
  • Updated network components.
  • Updated Binance API.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

More information about BitRaptor you can find here

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