BitRaptor Bitcoin Crypto Trading Bot

BitRaptor 2.0 has been released

What’s NEW in version 2.0

  •  Completely new redesigned and performance optimized Machine Learning trainer with parallel processing which is much faster, but with many more calculations which makes it up to 5 times more efficient in live trading.
  • NEW: Added Stop Limit (which is a hard stop loss, this is triggered only when the buy signal is not ON to avoid immediate re-buy). It accepts possitive and negative percent numbers, as positive numbers are automatically converted to negative. The import/export settings will also include this the stop limit setting, unlike trailing stop loss and take profit which are not included.
  • NEW: Added new alts.
  • NEW: Added search box to bot settings.
  • Changed history date range for some alts.
  • Fixed: a problem with the live chart manager, as some charts start dates were cut.
  • Fixed: the bot monitor would stop longer chart downloads if binance api introduced a delay and caused the chart downloads to be interrupted only if the robot has not been restarted over a period of 30-40 days or more. Now the bot monitor starts only after the first cycle is complete.
  • Fixed: Now the chart start dates are saved in the bot settings by the learn from history option. If you use another computer to train the robot and export settings to the running bot it will know from where to download the chart for a new pair.
  • Updated Binance API.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.


  • NOTE: The first robot start could take 2-3 times longer as the charts need to be updated. The following starts will be faster.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not add altcoins which have a price less than 100 satoshi, as the price movement is very big in percent and may trigger many buy/sell orders which then get blocked by massive buy and sell order walls which are not moving or it may create big price slippage which will result in losses.

You can find more information about BitRaptor here

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